HICAN (C. illinoensis X C. ovata or C. laciniosa)    SOLD OUT SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE SIZES

Hicans are natural hybrids between pecan and hickory that fall into categories based on whether the hickory parent was a shagbark or a shellbark. In general, shellbark X pecan produces a larger nut than the shagbark hybrids, but the shagbark may be heavier producers. Unless self-pollinating, several different varieties should be planted together for good nut production. Trees reach 50-70' in height with a round and spreading crown. Plant trees on 40-50' spacing, first production in 4-8 yrs. Hican trees bear handsome foliage, and deserve planting for their ornamental qualities. The nuts retain the hickory flavor considered by most to be the finest nut flavor.

SIZE 2'-3' 3'-4' 4'-5' 5'-6' 6'-7' 7'-8' 8'-9' 9'-10'
PRICE $35.00 $40.00 $50.00 $60.00 $70.00 $80.00 $90.00 $100.00

BIXBY IL. Pecan X Shellbark. A very large nut, requiring early pollen and good fertilization to fill well. The oldest cultivar selected, Bixby produces heavy crops. Pollinated by Major pecan.  SOLD OUT 2014.

BURLINGTON IA. 1940. Pecan X Shagbark. A productive cultivar that performs well in the Ohio Valley. Self-pollinating with large nuts, 55 per lb., that mature early.

BURTON KY. Pecan X Shagbark; medium-sized nut; good producer, self-pollinating; best suited for South and Midwest; thin shell, high % kernel, early maturing.    

DOOLEY BURTON IN. 1980. Seedling of Burton, pollen parent evidently shagbark, as nuts have more hickory quality. SOLD OUT 2014

HENKE IA. 1928. Pecan X Shagbark, small nut with high quality kernel that fills well, ripens early, bears good crops at a young age. Self-pollinating.  SOLD OUT 2014.

T 92    KS. 1980. Produces large nuts (35-40 lb.) with very light kernel and  excellent quality.  

Other varieties sometimes  available :   Country Club, Hartman, Hershey,  McAllister,  Pleas, Underwood