PAWPAW (Asimina triloba)

The pawpaw is the largest native fruit in the U.S. Fruit are greenish-yellow, 3-5″ long, and hang in clusters of 3-7. The nutritious, soft, yellow pulp has a rich, banana-custard flavor. Pyramidal shaped trees reach 30′ high. Plant at least 2 different varieties for pollination, 15-30′ apart. Trees bear in 3-4 years. Avoid planting pawpaw trees in heavy, poorly drained soil.

SIZE 1′-2′ 2′-3′ 3′-4′ 4′-5′ 5′-6′ 6′-8′
PRICE $16.00 $20.00 $26.00 $32.00 $38.00 $44.00

DAVIS MI. 1961. Introduced by Corwin Davis. Four oz. fruit, about 4″ long, green skin with yellow flesh. Keeps well.

GREENRIVER BELLE Ky 1998 Original tree grown near the Green River in Hart County. Selected by Carol Friedman for large and luscious fruits.

I XL MI. Very large fruit, developed by Corwin Davis. A cross between Davis and Overleese.

MITCHELL IL 1979 Selected from the wild by Joseph Hickman. Fruit are medium to large, golden fleshed, few seeds, excellent.

NC-1 Ontario 1976 Dour Campbell’s cross between Davis and Overleese. Excellent flavored fruit are up to 12 oz. , few seeds, with yellow skin and flesh.

OVERLEESE IN 1950. Selected from the wild by W.B.Ward, fruits are large(120z.), oval to round, with a few seeds and excellent flavor. Mid-season ripening.

PA GOLDEN NY John Gordon’s selection from Central PA seed. Fruits are 4′-5′,yellow skin and flesh. Vanilla custard flavor, early ripening

PROFLIFIC MI. A heavy bearing variety with good flavor. Ripens first week of October in Michigan.

SAA-ZIMMERMAN NY 1982 Another selection of John Gordons from G.A. Zimmerman’s collection of seedlings. Fruit is 6-8 oz, yellow skin and flesh, few seeds

SUE S. IN. Discovered by Don Munich, selected for its wonderful flavor and productiveness. Fruit are 4″, 4-6 oz., and yellow-fleshed.

SUNFLOWER KS. 1970. Selected from the wild by Milo Gibson. Fruit weighs up to 8oz., yellow skin, butter colored flesh with few seeds. Self-pollinating

TAYLOR MI 1968 Discovered and first propagated by Corwin Davis. Fruit are about 4oz., hang in clusters of up to 7,and have green skin and yellow flesh.

TAYTWO MI 1968 Selected from the wild by Corwin Davis. Fruits weigh up to 10oz., and have a yellow, excellent flavored flesh (a.k.a. Taytoo)

WELLS IN 1990. Selected from the wild in Salem, In. Large fruit, 12-14 oz., green skin and orange flesh.

WILSON Ky. 1985. Selected by John Creech from Eastern Ky. Medium size fruit with yellow skin and golden flesh..